Podcasts Are My Life


You guys must check out this book by my new favorite Fredrick Backman.



TV?  Who needs tv?  Podcasts are my obsession.  Oh, how I love you!   Here are a few I am binge listening to for the summer.

The Vanished Podcast (Focuses on the stories of people who are missing.  Many have been missing for years and their cases have gone cold).

In The Dark Season 1 Jacob Wetterling ( I haven’t started Season 2 yet).

The Shot (This is a local story about the murder of Victor Decker.  It is the only unsolved cop killing in Hampton Roads).

Switch, Pivot, or Quit Podcast (Career Advice)

Boss Girl Creative (Taylor Bradford is the go to for all things blog related.)

Dirty John (A man who is not who he claimed to be.  He fooled many for a long time).